Sailing along the shore

“Spot the boat on the side of the road” Gun Roswell

Sailing along the shore

Just to be on the safest of sides, on this, blue ocean oh so wide
And as is the pride in addition to the set of skills still lacking quite
The best bet for today’s magnificent ride, was not to totally hide
Rather to stay securely and solemnly on the long, long coastline

So, taking this adventure with just a slight hint of enthusiasm in the air
At least before getting the hang of all this sailing stuff without despair
As it really is a tough job, controlling all of this fine burnt small size boat
So not to make too much of a hassle of it al and then left on the strand to croak

But today, is the first trial of running a ship of my own, being the captain bold
And following the given rules and regulations, and doing the things as told
Because since day one after seeing this fine vessel ready and able, I was sold
And so becoming the proud owner and the skipper, well, guess it was foretold

So, setting sail, across the seashores, will be today’s finest chore
And that despite the short distance will still not be any kind of bore