The storm in the horizon

“The storm is rising. I can feel it, and also see it in the horizon” Gun Roswell

The storm in the horizon

The dark clouds are gathering, up there in the high skies
Filled with water and thunder, off the makings of a storm they cry
And without any lies , I watch them getting closer, my face a smile
Why? Just because the constant heat, had no kind of relief
And as I stand by and look at the nature gathering its bile
I know this event will be the one you might call a heavens sent
Because in this ever changing world, you never know which way
Is the way you are hurled, and despite the ominous nature of the weather
Somehow you can still rely on the tether, holding you safe in the place
As the storm makes its way over you, letting it happen the best bet
Although there is nothing you can do but to it let and not to forget
To try and stay out of its way, and where possible to indoors stay
It might not always be that pleasurable of an encounter
But just remember it is part of the cycle of Mother Nature
And once it has passed because it won’t last, you can once again laugh