What the hell is wrong with you today?

“What the hell is wrong with you? 

– Don’t you just hate that question popping up more frequently than usual?
And it’s not always others asking either ;P “ Gun Roswell

What the hell is wrong with you today?

Well, it could be many things actually, so thanks for asking!
Then again, I don’t really think you want to know the truthful answer as you may not like what you are hearing.

But what if it was a simple explanation? Like a feeling being hurt or even a physical injury aching?
Then that would make you happy right? 
Getting a simple quick answer for the upside down frown and my antisocial behaviour and my many strings of curse words thrown out there in the air?

But, as I turn to look deep inside of me, trying so totally hard to look for that perfect and simple answer? Guess what, I cannot find one! Surprise!

It can be a combination of many things, as usually it is nothing specific, rather just a trigger which sets off the very fowl mood and the off behaviour.
Because there really is no one thing to find, not for me at least, as sometimes, I just feel, well, off and odd and all those things which makes someone shout at me: 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Best bet when that happens? When I turn to the dark side?
Well, leave me be in my misery. I will venture outside eventually.