Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

“These days, virtual travel either on the internet or thought the memories of the mind and photographs, can we travel” Gun Roswell

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

The mind might be playing some tricks on me, as I am slowly sifting through, all the bundled up memories in my own mind, of the holiday, years back, quite sublime. It really happened by accident, as I ran across, an image in a forgotten folder, of the vision captured, at the perfect moment frozen in time, when all was simply, fine, in the good old times, when we were all freely allowed to explore the world around us, without too much of a fuss.

So, dwelling on that photograph for a while, without rush and hurry, even if the image was a tad blurry, as was my locked away memory of the place, the time and the plenty of sunshine, un-phased by whatever negatives there might have been there along the way. But as so many other things in our minds, those hazy days of yesteryear will always have a golden hue to them, or most of them do, as trying to save only the few good ones, with or without the puns.