The world in a cup of coffee

“There is a time for coffee and that time is anytime possibleā€ Gun Roswell

The world in a cup of coffee

The day, started, just like, any other day
With a steaming cup, of the hottest and darkest liquid, to save
This, tiny soul and eventually, the world

Staring, into the still silence of the whirlwind 
Also, still knowing, that something, would soon begin
And, that it, would most likely, change the world

Smelling, inhaling, sipping, enjoying, the total bliss
No matter how much or how often, cannot believe this exists
The total euphoria, I would like to share with the world

But, before all that was going to happen
I am, into this, elixir of life, with full force, tapping
So, for now, the world, will just have to wait 
Until the coffee filled blissful state to be hurled