Coffee and the close-up

“Coffee, best of the best of the best, so need I say more? No? Then, you know the score: Hot coffee, black!“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and the close-up

The scene was set and all ready, only waiting for the star to arrive. And typically there were only minutes of five, left before the shooting would start. So, naturally, there would be a slight delay on the arrival as the diva of the show, was not about the take the bow, not easily anyway as in their mind, all others were there to service them, without a question rather when.

A few more moments passed, causing some murmurs around the crew, at least on a few as those familiar with the diva, had learned not to bother too much anymore as the reward, would stand at the end, after session had concluded and the usually successful images would mend, any foul moods the diva might have caused, as the applause of the end result, stood there without fault.

The flashing lights went on for a moment more, as the diva had finally arrived to the scene. The clicks of the cameras heard around the area, as silence other wise ensued, the session a success as per usual as the shots, particularly the close-ups, turned up all great, some might have called it fate, more than anyone could have hoped as per agreed by the whole group.

Soon enough, the moment over, photos ready and the crew relaxed, looking at their reward with closed captures, the scene in front of them enticing, making them all smiling. The diva turning into the thing, which minstrels songs of would sing, the finest organic suspension ever devised, in a cup of a large size, a delicacy to be consumed, the coffee, as presumed.