Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

“The blues are in control, now and forever, covering the buildings and the skies“ Gun Roswell

Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

Glass on the walls, glass on the floors, glass even covering the doors and roof, as there is clearly proof, while the skies of blue, are slowly but surely taking over the tall and proud building, trying to reach for heavens, and now, it found the way, to the ever lasting blues.

But, this is not a bad thing as the blues will totally make those dwelling inside to sing, the blues but in a cool calming tone, chilling and elating everyone to the core. Alas, fear not as it is all very good, the feelings and sensations coming from the above.

The blues, can be a song, or a colour most serene, even a feeling when you want to dream, and during that time you are seeing, perhaps the future of a blue hue, living inside of it in a tall glass building, the blue cool skies scraping.

But then again, you may just want to dwell inside the blue, no matter of the place exists up in the skies or down on the very ground, it’s all perfectly good, as life in the blue should be just the way you choose, without too much confusion getting in the way.