Flaky on the windowsill

“The wintery wonders right there on my windowsill, pretty little flakes forming all kinds of cool shapes“ Gun Roswell

Flaky on the windowsill

The cold weather had made its point, the rain from before turned into snow and hale, and then freezing onto the windowsill, creating tiny stars of ice, looking very nice. And of course they do as they are made to look like tiny stars, glittering and blinking in the cold winter’s early morning sun light ever so bright, making the onlooker smile.

Beautiful things the nature will spin, weather wise, no matter rain, snow or ice, there will always be something totally pretty left behind, right there on the windowsill for the casual viewer to look at, and that is a matter of fact, even if the lack of warm weather might cause some chills for the patrons of the nature kind of art.

But no matter the weather, there is really something so very special about the cold and the icy sparks attached tote surface of the window, as they will not there too long hold, so keep on admiring the view reserved only for a few moments in time until the chime of warmer weather starts to rise and then they are gone for good.