A winter night in monochromatic view

“The winter always looks so very monochromatic, almost quite dramatic, or perhaps is just because of the colours of so very white?“ Gun Roswell

A winter night in monochromatic view

The colours completely gone, like when someone just banged a very large gong and poof, nothing there remaining, except the tone of monochrome! It was just like magic, all of it disappearing, and gently but surely turning into complete white, the colour so very light and totally bright, even at the midst of the darkened night, and then someone dared to ask the very question: “does anyone know the why?”

But, never mind, the question, sounding very much unkind, as what really is wrong with life in a monochrome? The simplicity of it all, like living inside an old photograph time would have been stalled? It’s almost picture perfect, as the wintery snow never did neglect anything or anyone and now, it’s all looking like so much fun, at least, from the inside out, as it’s most likely quite cold in the perfect image as viewed from the window.

Still, when observing the night, through the lens wide, the monochromatic scene, is as pretty as it has ever been, with the dark dots can be spotted, those daring beings getting outside, to try the monochrome on for size. And those are the very people who can give the answer to the question of why, with a large wide smile, and the answer is no lie.