The cold hand of winter

“The winter is the cruelest season of them all, at least, that is the way it was described before” Gun Roswell

The cold hand of winter

Everything deeply buried in the cold air and frozen snow and ice, which admittedly looks very nice, when not having to shovel the stuff or slip and break something off. But, the snow and ice is also a cover, a sort of a shelter against the cold weather, especially for the nature and the delicate seeds and those animals whom are deeply in their winter sleep. So, before going off and scolding all that snow and ice, which mostly, is not that nice for the human dweller, there is something good about this season as well, like the protectiveness to nature it gives. But also the pretty and gorgeous vistas of the snowy fields and forests, the statuesque contracts when a snow storm has passed and left behind all kinds of things looking artsy and nice. And of course, for those appreciating the ever changes scenery, us, the card carrying photo snappers never weary of getting ourselves out here and taking the perfect pic, this winter’s season will give a lot of slack, and you don’t even have to walk far, as it’s all there, even on the back yard. But, it’s pretty cold outside, most of the time in winter, so dress up warm to avoid the cold hand, of the dreary winter.