Riding a car, any car

“I like driving a car, to some place nice, where the roads are wide and nobody is around“ Gun Roswell

Riding a car, any car

The car is something of a contradiction, whether be it gas powered or having to stick it into the socket for refuel, but whatever the mode, it will have to make due, as sometimes long distances cannot be peddled away with a bike or two. And buses? Don’t get me started! Either they arrive as per schedule, or you wait an hour or few, and go back home stomping and feeling blue, as nothing planned got done due to the lack of not funds, but a rather a ride!

So, once you sit inside, put the gear shift to drive, there is no going back. Well, of course if you plan to return, then there is that. But, the trip has now started as the engine on the car has parted, from the safety of the home yard and now, it might go far, or then again, to the nearest shop, if that was the planned stop. So, wherever you want to go, in a car big or small, for now, just keep on riding, as tomorrow, well, who knows what is on the horizon.