Seat in the warm shadow

“Staying in the shadows, on a warm and sunny day is a must, especially, when feeling hot and tired and sleepy, am I right?“ Gun Roswell

Seat in the warm shadow

The day sunny once again, after a long stretch of winter and almost total darkness, despite the snowy white mountains ever growing, a day of sunshine is a surprise and perhaps a blessing. But, then again, jumping from one end to the other, can be a bit of a stretch, and letting the sun overcome all of it, the mind, body and soul, however, the rays just might be a tad too strong for the pale skin just coming out of the darkness and so, finding some middle ground, perhaps in the shadows under the covers, but still visible with light. So, the perfect spot, perhaps closer than thought, a shelter of a thing, where someone had built tables and chairs while recycling, old wooden pallets and thug making not only unique pieces of art, but something way more smart, like a seating area where one could be able being part, of the sunshine filled day, stay outdoors in a way, but still, having a cover over their heads.