Late evening, empty bar

“The bar scene? Well, guess these days it’s more of a luxury treat than a hang out place for after office hours, guess time’s have changed, a lot?” Gun Roswell

Late evening, empty bar

The local bar was quite empty, most likely due to the time being quite early, even if was already dark and the clocks were way past dinner time. But these days, it just might be the norm, no going out except for the absolutely necessities, unless your daily work it requires. Staying home, getting home while not there, the base urge during the times of change, and so, getting together with friends and family, for an outing sadly, is no longer on the menu, at least for a casual review. Rather planning way ahead, whether it is even possible to get out there, where other people might be, for you see, the times of going out and meeting new friends has passed, at least for now and the new norm being that of staying home, locked tightly indoors. And those who are still keepers of the establishments of food and drink, might into a despair sink, as it is dangerous to even go outside, to the world wide. But maybe sometime in the not so distant future, this will all change once again once more and then, the call, for meeting others just for the heck of it in bars, is something to look forward to.