Riding till end of the day

“The horses will take you were you need to go, and much more peacefully so, than any other vehicle really could“ Gun Roswell

Riding till end of the day

The day very long, but gotta stay strong 

It won’t be long now, before we reach home

Just hoping it will be in time of the pending storm

As usually around these places, it hits pretty strong

Rushing the steed beneath, with a gentle nudge

To move faster, with hoofs the ground hardly touching

The pace so smooth it is almost like having wings on

The soft sand of the beach, hardly reached upon

All the surroundings becoming one fading soft blur

While moving along the very path chosen further

It really does not take that long

Before reaching the home shores

The darkness heavy around us all

The heavy clouds hanging low above

But before even the first drop of rain

Will try any of our backs to stain

Riding inside the cover of the small stall

Where both the rider and their mount

Have some deserved respite finally found