Blue a peeking through

“There is always light between the total darkness, even inside the blues” Gun Roswell

Blue a peeking through

The darkened tall stairway, leading nowhere and then again everywhere
But seeing without light was a strife to move forward in the pitch black night
Then a flash of something caught the eyes now wandering around the place
Perhaps there was somewhere safe to stay, until the light of the coming day
Would emerge though the cracks in the walls, windows, as some them called
While resting on the steps, for a moment to get some rest from wandering
The soft blue glow of the emerging day was starting to show through the walls
And so soon, the blues becoming strong enough, to guide the weary wanderer
Ever upwards the stairs, leading to some place nice, at least that was the hope
As it had been sometime, stuck inside, the dark space without a clue or trace
But now, as the bluish light was steadily winning the fight against the darkness
It was time to start moving and ever so high, towards the top of the stairs
As this was where the flares of life were beginning, with the early morning light