Coffee and a side dish

“There is nothing wrong with coffee! Then again, adding a sugary snack on the side? Well, guess I should try?“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and a side dish

The simple cup of black coffee, seems to be lacking

Of something else, hovering above in stacking

Perhaps a taste of something soft and sweet 

Not that, coffee, usually, really never needed

As anything to disturb the essence of the dark liquid

Even if it would only be a side trip real, real quick

Whatever you may feel about this potent stuff of life

The coffee in the cup, the only thing in this life right

Perhaps just give it a chance, taking a small bite 

At first, washing it down with the coffee learnt

And then, if it feels totally good without a choice

Then perhaps reconsider, having the coffee some slack

Not that it and consumption in anyway needs to be toned back

Rather have a day in a week, regularly like
To add one thing sweet, in the menu like spice

Then feel how much better the break taken for this stuff

Will give you a tad more of the sugary fluff

Perhaps missing for the simple and straight cup

Of coffee, well, it might not be so much

But a bit of variety in the routine, never hurt anyone