News on and off the walls

“Read the news, old or new, while strolling the streets of blue, as they are all, off the wall, literally, because reading is fundamental” Gun Roswell 

News on and off the walls

They are splattered all across the walls, here, there and everywhere, the news from today and news from the before, interesting reading they just might make, even if not all are on the nerve of the day, but for those who are on the eternal stroll, not really needing anything usually to know, but soon curiosity peeking, even without seeking the right instalment, even if not from their present day kind of story, it is never boring at all, especially, when nothing else peeks the mind, and this stuff is just to unwind, depending of course, whether the news is happy or dreary, well, either way, they might leave the reader in some kind of feelings, about it all, even if it was all just off the wall, but do not worry, it is only natural and so, just continue with the stroll, as soon enough, another kind of wall will feature a set off whole selection of all kinds of news, and ain’t that just totally cool!