Island Life in Monochrome, when the Sun is none too bright

“The island life can be, a kind of a strife, at least some times, as it makes none smile, but hey, that is the life, on an island, am I right!“ Gun Roswell

Island Life in Monochrome, when the Sun is none too bright

The low hanging dark grey skies against the tall greyish mountains 

The mood quite dark, without a spark, as is the ambiance, all around 

But there is really no escape, even if you wanted to leave the place

As, after all, you have chosen this small kind of life, on a remote island 

But, when the season is totally right and the sun is shining so bright 

Then all notion for fight and flight completely vanishes, like a dirty dish

As the beaches are so very soft and the skies turn to the coolest blue

Mimicking the waters hues, simply because this colour us soothes

Still, whatever the weather is, or the time of seasonal delight

It does not matter for the true island dwellers, because they will fight

Against all the elements, just to be able to live on their promised land

No matter if it will mostly stay, in the monochromatic colour of grey



“It is pride month again. For those otherwise inclined, not fitting the norm. Some call it pandering, others simply enjoy the appreciation thrown their way.” Gun Roswell


What does it mean? Really?

It is just having a flag of colour raised up the pole for a duration of thirty days?

Wearing colourful socks or shoes, perhaps a bag of the same colour spectrum?

Being acknowledged at the work place, having pins placed on their lapels, sporting the rainbow colours?

The convenient store around the corner, displaying their pride collection proudly beside the register?

But for me? Personally?

Simply to be me, to exist, just the way I was intended to be

Not to be put in a box, designed by those, who would prefer to do so

I don’t ware any other colours than those, which suit my daily mood

Just because the calendar said so, and wanted me to come out of my home

I have and always will be, simply me

Acceptance or not, I cannot and will not change who I am

And so, alone or together with others daring, I make my stand

Celebrating each and everyday of the year, without fear

And so, tipping my bonnet to those, who chose this time to appreciate us, other folk

But also reminding them all, this month is not the only time we, queer folk, do exist