Three windmills a standing 

“The wind does not stop blowing simply because there is some resistance up ahead, right?” Gun Roswell 

Three windmills a standing 

Forever and all the past ages, the three sages have stood there

Against and with the howling winds, rotating their crooked wings

No matter which way all the blows have landed, they always sing

The eerie tune of the nature’s forces wherever the gust clings

It does not really matter for these tall three, who stood the test of time

And came out of it all, just fine, at least, for a while that is

As sometimes during the history, of these thee windmills

The effort to sustain them still standing there, was on the way

So, all those tad dwellers, did their very best

To make sure these three tall windmills would stay the rest

Of the ancient history or at least last few more years

Defending them all and providing more, like electricity

The modern thing after all the history had passed

And so, with the new modifications in place, it’s most likely

These three mills against the winds in their very spot stay

As for others to enjoy and admire, while the dwellers worship 

Them as the best things on the planet, the protectors and providers