The fortress and the fountain in front  

“Traveling through the world and then into the wide galaxy hurled, only back home to find my way“ Gun Roswell 

The fortress and the fountain in front  

The fortified home, on the island  way too small, with a fountain or few up front, what a cliche was the first thought, still, the view still highly sought, but when it was bought, there was only the idea of being in safe place, with it pretty kind of facade up front, and so, the heavily built home of thing, rose up inside the spring, now fully grown into a large lake, nay, ocean wide, the divide not small but large and certainly keeping anyone else at bay, pun intended, as the strong house in the midst there lay, the pretty front of fountained resources on display, only it wasn’t simply for the dwellers to attention pay, but the odd traveller stopped by, admiring the view of this so called home on the way, seeing the postcard perfection, and even wanting to lay claim to it themselves, alas, it wasn’t an easy task as the fortress was not on sale, not for a million or more credits someone wanted for it to pay. 

Star Wars The Bad Batch – more FanFiction released on AO3 and FanFictionNet

Gun Roswell

The Bad Batch (Star Wars)

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own (AO3) and of the adventures of The Bad Batch. These tales follow a completely original story lines diverging from the Star Wars canon. Fanon as I like to call it. Some of the themes are for the more mature audiences. All of it being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Of course!

Go check them out here on AO3:
Tech-O/T-Echo Three
The Bad Batch – Crosshair’s Personal Log
Tech-O/T-Echo Four
Old friends found in the strangest of places – Part One
Good soldiers serve the Empire?

The Bad Batch – T-EchoTech-O
The Bad Batch – Tech-OT-Echo Two
The Bad Batch – Tech-OT-Echo Three
The Bad Batch – Tech-OT-Echo Four
The Bad Batch – Crosshair’s Personal Log
The Bad Batch – Good soldiers serve the Empire?
The Bad Batch…

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