Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Icon Gone But Never Forgotten #StarTrek #NichelleNichols — The Tony Burgess Blog

Nichelle Nichols who played the iconic role of Uhura in the original Star Trek series passed away at age 89. She was a trailblazer on TV and in life by her working with NASA to recruit people of color and women to go into the Astronaut program. I believe she was one of the most […]

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Icon Gone But Never Forgotten #StarTrek #NichelleNichols — The Tony Burgess Blog

Rose a pretty

“Roses are pretty flowers indeed, just remember them to feed, with lotsa sunshine, water and, lime?” Gun Roswell 

Rose a pretty

Reddish rose, take a pose, then let me take a whiff with my nose, but keep those thorns, away before I get all scorned, and my insides torn, as I only wanted a little more, basking in the prettiness of it all, just a small moment to stall, and isn’t that all, a mere mortal can ask, not really a big task for such greatness to share, just as this one did dare to get close enough to glare.

Cloudy with a chance of rain

“There are usually clouds in the skies, at least if you venture high enough, whether they are bringing in storms of not, remains to be seen” Gun Roswell

Cloudy with a chance of rain

The cloudy skies, are not always indicators of bad or sad weather or otherwise, rather sometimes, a respite from the overwhelming warmth of it all, bringing in the cool and calming winds without the dampness of fall.

But even with a trickle of rain in the mix, should bring in some freshness, to the stuffy and stale air of the hottest of summer, and only after the rain, can you enjoy the sun’s shine without it being such a total bummer.

Smart Sailing

“The time for sailing is now, over the grey waters before the storm hits” Gun Roswell

Smart Sailing

Just before the storm hits, the itch gets, to go sailing and embrace the dark waters and skies, it’s after all the place where danger lies, daring the elements, even life itself, but still, if you are smart enough, avoiding the most rough stages of the storm, hitting them waves, making them slaves to the sails, and gliding along the surface of the lakeside open wide, as you are alone there, all others gone in fear, but never mind, that rush, you will soon enough find, going fast, and hey, try to avoid into anything hard blast!

Yellow and Green

“Summer is filled with all kinds of colours, but guess the yellow and green ones are the most admired, simply because they are the most reminiscent of summer“ Gun Roswell

Yellow and Green

The flowers in bright yellow, as if positioned against the green of the meadow, posing there for a picture perfect stare.

But it wasn’t all these pretty flowers and green grasses were, not for those loving the summer, it’s freshness, warmth and sunny glares.

The fluffy clouds and blue skies, running outside without too much in clothing wise, as the colours beckoned from the window seen, all of those yellows and greens, never in winter time seen.

Fluffy fields of summer

“The flowers of summer are so pretty, one cannot help but spend some time gawking at them” Gun Roswell

Fluffy fields of summer

Summer, never a bummer, for those loving to frolic in the midst of the lush green fields, without any kind of shield on their person, running amok, that much is certain!

Still, picking up a few flowers, perhaps the body to adorn, or simply, them to adore, whatever the situation is, nobody will be amiss, of the warmth surrounding them all, a perfect utopia, Eden, this time of year is for them all.

And so, whether you are a lover of the flowers, the colours or simply running about nekkid in among the greens, this feeling of summer will never you leave.

Sun Hats

“Wearing these sun blockers during summer, can be a bummer, but then again, too much sun? Never fun!” Gun Roswell

Sun Hats

Wear it, share it, sit under it.

A sunny hat for the warm climate.

Colourful and never dull at best.

Just use it, like the rest.

On the beach, you might seek, a parasol like feat.

Something to protect you against the wind and the sun.

The rays burning surely, around noon, never fun.

So, go get, and sit, under the sol blocker instead.

You will still get some kind of a tan, if you are a fan.

Red, white, flowers or weeds, doesn’t really matter

“The weeds are in bloom now and they are quite pretty too!” Gun Roswell

Red, white, flowers or weeds, doesn’t really matter

They turned red, from the beige they were before, looking kind of bored, but now, the flaming colour, goes together well, with the setting sun of tomorrow, and no one would be the wiser, thinking they were simply weeds, discarded by most, just because, they were not the pretty flowery types right from the start. But now, they are reborn, having turned, into something totally great looking, delicate and fine, so, never judge, only wait until the end, and see, what turns up!

Red tram ride

“Ride on the old tram, painted in the colour of red, just because it looks so cool” Gun Roswell

Red tram ride

The old school car of a tram painted in the brightest colour of red, the seats none too many left as everyone and their pet, wanted to take a ride, on the tram car painted so bright.

Hopping in from the stop, and onto the seat plopped, the vehicle slowly but surely starting to move, along the tracks with a potent kind of a groove.

And once on the move, there was no stopping the forward momentum, and so, the rest of the day spent in full admiration, of the nostalgic ride, passing the vistas of the countryside.

Narrow escape

“There is nothing to it. Simply squeeze yourself into the pit, and there, is your escape!“ Gun  Roswell

Narrow escape

The tunnel quite dark, but it was totally smart, using this very path, as in the day light, nothing was possible, certainly, not running away, simply the very thought implausible.

But the night time was upon, and finding the perfect hole, to dig through, even if it would be a narrow escape, by all accounts, the fit just about perfect, at least I think it is.

Crawling inside, there is really nothing to smile about, only holding my breath, while pushing through, the seemingly ending corridor, but at the end the door, is waiting, because today, I am finally escaping!