Friday and a Cup of Coffee

“The day of free, well Friday at least, is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a nice cup of coffee, right?“ Gun Roswell

Friday and a Cup of Coffee

Friday, is here and so, a giant enormous cup of coffee is poured, simply because, it is the best way, to celebrate, the fact, that the weekend is upon, even if the day itself and the coffee, really do not make any sense, but then again, coffee, goes with everything and nothing, and if I feel like it is the very thing, to be used for some minor celebratory action? Well, then, who will stop me?

So, now that it is all settled, I too, will settle, with my feet up, without too much of a huff or puff, and watch the weekend silently descend upon my very self, of course, enjoying my big cup of the finest organic suspension ever devised and that is all I am going to do, over this weekend of free, and if some of you disagree, feel free, to sue me!