Along the long pier

“Being by the side of water, any body of water, makes the ol’ sailor inside of this body all nostalgic and all” Gun Roswell

Along the long pier

Take a long walk, a run, or simply just hang around, the pier so long, it takes a moment more, to reach from the beginning to the end and then back again, but it does not matter as all around, there is water, boats and even some scenery, and that is all that is needed, for a stroll along the very long pier, perhaps if daring, even a dive to the inviting blues, as nobody will judge anyone wanting to take some time, under the warming sun, surrounded by the ocean making life so much more fun.

Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch FanFiction – new stories on AO3 and FanFic.Net

Gun Roswell

The Bad Batch (Star Wars)

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own (AO3) and of the adventures of The Bad Batch. These tales follow a completely original story lines diverging from the Star Wars canon. Fanon as I like to call it. Some of the themes are for the more mature audiences. All of it being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Of course!

Go check them out here on AO3:
Good soldiers serve the Empire? 
The Bad Batch – Old friends found in the strangest of places Part Two
Echo and Fives – After the Storm Passes 
Echo/Fives – The Sun, The Sea and The Sand 
A Seasonal Miracle 
Double the Danger 

The Bad Batch – Good soldiers serve the Empire?
The Bad Batch – Old friends found in the strangest of places Part…

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