Blue Shutters

“The blue on white, is like a flag of pride, whether the country home or foreign, the is nothing boring about the blues” Gun Roswell

Blue Shutters

The cool blue shutters, staving off the burning midday sunny rays, after all, even the walls are pained, only in whites to keep away, the scorching warmth of the ever present sunshine, even if most of us feel it is fine, as a few rays never harmed anyone, but the constant bombardment of them, could easily be causing some heart palpation, to those dwellers whom live behind the cooling blue painted shutters on top of the windows small of their home, standing in direct sunlight, all year long.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Boldly Goes Back To Basics With The Star Trek Franchise

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The first season for the latest Star Trek TV show to stream on Paramount+, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, has just concluded with a strong episode (“A Quality of Mercy”) that represented the best stories of the season. The show is a spinoff of Star Trek: Discovery and another prequel to the original Star Trek. In this case, the show chronicles the voyages of the starship Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) a few short years before Captain James T. Kirk assumed command.

Getting this out of the way, this series is fantastic with its much needed and refreshing back-to-basics approach for Star Trek. The franchise has been faltering lately with subpar live-action entries, Star Trek: Discovery and the second season of Star Trek: Picard. However, the franchise feels reinvigorated now with the new series. A huge part of the success of

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