“The mountains are hard to conquer, at least from the point of few of a small bipedal being such as myself” Gun Roswell


The mountain too tall to climb alone, but I will try nevertheless, without too much in gear as I must confess, I have something to prove for myself.

Bare hands clutching to whatever there is to take a hold off, hauling up the rest of the body, at least until I can get a foothold of something solid.

So, keeping on the upward climb, only waiting for whatever there is up there I can find, as it is hopefully so much better than that of the below, getting high up, is the best right?

At least, that is what I am hoping, while getting ever more higher off the ground, as the rumours spoken down below, of something blissful and better, and so, here I go, looking for that treasure, even if it simply is to find, some peace of mind.