Poolside, so divine

“Digging up some of the old stuff, mainly pictures from the travels past, as you all now know, that all, is kinda in the past, the travelling part that is, because of, well you know… but one can dream, right?“ Gun Roswell

Poolside, so divine

The cool and blue, and that is the truth as the sun is scorching, so the best place for loitering, really is, inside the cool waters. Digging in there, never coming up, except for a huff and puff, and right back in, diving. Pretending to swim, but really, what I am doing, is letting my old tired body, sink into the balm of that which is, the calming blue water.

Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch FanFiction – new stories posted on ao3 and fanfic.net

Gun Roswell

The Bad Batch (Star Wars)

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and FanFiction.net of the adventures of The Bad Batch. These tales follow completely original story lines diverging from the Star Wars canon. Set in the world of Fanon as I like to call these tales. Some of the themes are for the more mature audiences. All of it being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Naturally! Still paying homage to the original series.

Go check them out here on AO3:
The Sparring Match
The Campaign 
The Very First Kiss 
Together We Roll 
Crosshair and the Dark Side 

On FanFiction.net:
The Bad Batch – Crosshair and the Dark Side
The Bad Batch – The Clone Wars – Hunter Rex – Together We Roll
The Bad Batch – The Very First Kiss
The Bad Batch – The…

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