Shopping for Shoes

“Them shoes, them shoes! It is totally true – one can never have enough of shoes!” Gun Roswell

Shopping for Shoes

Shoes of all shapes and sizes, some for free or even for bargain prices, colours vary as do the heel height, but no matter, you will always fine the right fit, at least, that is the hope of the day finally here, the one dedicated for simply shopping for shoes!

And so, hitting all the possible stores, which carry these marvels of lore, them shoes, them shoes, win or lose, just have to choose.

The day long, but feeling quite strong, after a good nights sleep, somehow, as the dreams filled with all kinds of footwear and so daring and bold, getting a foothold (pun certainly intended) amongst the rush of all the other shoe fans, hitting the same places.

But no matter what, I have to trust, there will be a pair or two for me to find, in the wide ocean filled with shoes and those whom so desperately seek for the perfect ones, or twos, or more, as more is always more, no matter what any philosophically inclined person might state.

And so, before the day ends, I will keep on seeking, for them shoes, them shoes perfect for me, or then settle for something almost that!