Peeking through to the land of sunshine

“The sun is shining, on the other side, over there, across the sea, somewhere else but definitely not here“ Gun Roswell

Peeking through to the land of sunshine 

There is sunshine, on the other side, the proof delivered by a witness, who dared to peek through the curtain, and then, after seeing the miracle, snapped the picture, as proof!

As of now, the summer is officially over, as September has just reared is ugly head and instead of getting a cooling down situation outside, the plummet in daily temperatures, not to mention all the down pour, has definitely not left any of us scored.

So, even after complaining about the whole too warm summer time, having lasted for such a short while, the winter season is upon, the sunshine, the warmth the greens, all but gone.

Luckily though, in the dreams and pictures, some of it can be relived, when huddling down frozen cold because of as was foretold, it is the season of rain and behold, soon enough – snow!