So many to choose from!

“Too many images, do grace, my poor mobile phone’s database!” Gun Roswell

So many to choose from!

The library is full!!!

The flashing red light there, on the face of the device, which I so much like… well I am lying here, as being in love is most like it!

But now, it is so time for a hissy fit as that darned thing, stopped working!

As in having been filled, with so many images, those snaps having been taking along the way, most of them done of my own accord, with just a few borrowed.

All them pictures from the travels in the past, never meant to last, the trip that is, but as you can see, the images are somewhat safely stored, in the memory banks of the poor, calling device of sorts.

But nobody really uses it for that, as it is so much more, or was, cannot remember, as it is action as my memory too, just to name but a few things, this miracle gadget can do.

Still, I am ripping my hair off, trying to figure out a way, where these pictures to store.

As of now, the memory is full and so, well guess, delete, delete, delete is really all I can do?