A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

“The tall slim building, sits on top of the hill, but not just any old structure, but a cafe, of sorts“ Gun Roswell

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

The angle quite strange, the house, top heavy, but sturdy just plenty, as it has lasted for hundreds of years, having been hauled over from some other place.

And so, here it stands, in all its beauty, and all its glory, the old house, refurbished as a home, but also, a place of business, for those venturing to the historical island, and after some walking, become rather thirsty.

The cafe as the house doubles as, will give the weary traveller plenty, of options including the steaming dark liquid, but pastries and other delights.

Feeling somewhat peckish? Thirsty perhaps?

Step in, take a load off and enjoy the ancient ambiance!