Hiding behind the setting sun

“The setting sun, is engulfing the sky, painting it red, on the fly, not even trying to hide, blinding those who dare to pry“ Gun Roswell

Hiding behind the setting sun

The red colour the first clue, that of the sun setting for sure

There was no place to hide, from the sun’s light, not even at this stage of its existence before the day’s resistance became too much and as such, the sun needed to go, at least, for the night

There was really no fight, apart from the one final display of power

The skies glowing bright red instead, no hiding from any of it

And then, after the scene, the display most powerful, the sun was gone in an instance

Leaving those small creatures, trying to hide from the show, but only to be able to bow

In front of the magnificence of the celestial body in awe

And soon after night fell, the hiding places plentiful

Need for sure as without light, shining the land brightly

There was no security, for the critters small until dawn

Disappearing one and all, into their lairs familiar

Making sure never to question or doubt, the mighty sun and its dome

The eternal giver of light, warmth, security and in the end the daily show