Looking down

Espoo, Finland

“Something about being on the top, simply makes one feel so, well, superior? At least for a moment there, before the elevator takes you way back down, to the ground level, where you belong“ Gun Roswell

Looking down

The views always spectacular, when high up, close to the very skies

That is unless you just might suffer, from vertigo, or some kind of go, wanting to fly, way back down, so better stay away, even if it causes a frown

But if you are simply there for the views, you won’t be disappointed

As long as you follow the rules and stay behind the supportive railing

If there is any there of course, usually though, there is something supportive there

As this is not some space opera where those railings always disappear

Snapping them pix just to prove, you were actually invited there

Up into the very special stratosphere, well at least, the twentieth floor

Of a tall building with many a restaurants and so so many stores

And having been there, even for a moment, the truth is, it was nothing reminiscent of a bore

But back down, all of us visitors must go, at least I have the lovely picture on my phone!