House by the lake

Helsinki, Finland

Living by a body of water, certainly is on the bucket list of plenty of dwellers, but yeah, it would be totally great live there“ Gun Roswell 

House by the lake

A house, built on top of the rocky hill, gives the onlooker chills, as it’s just by a cool looking lake, and that kind of a place, is just the best, at least during the seasons where the temperatures are warm and totally nice, the weather somewhat mild, and chilling down by the calming lake, well, there really is no better place, for spring or summer.

But, when the damp and cold October winds start, the house by the lake is starting to feel less of a place nice, with the howling winds and pouring rain, leaving a bunch of stains all over, the cold seething into the old bones… but the warming fires inside and out, keep them warm way into the darkest of nights, making the feel and looks all cozy without a fright.

And then soon enough, it is winter time, the freezing ice covering the lake, and then things don’t look as loaded with strife, as the old skates come off the hook, taking it out there on the lake, swirling around on the icy cover on a sunny but cold day, and hey, all bundled up and prepared, the house by the lake is simply great, no matter the season, so yeah, no complaints!