Seated in a blue restaurant


“The seats are painted in the same hue as the sky and the ocean, the colour of a deep blue“ Gun Roswell

Seated in a blue restaurant

The seaside beckoned, as the weary traveller reckoned, it was time for a break from the daily grind and so, to find a good place for a day or two to hide, was now on the agenda of things to do, and this time there was no time to lose, getting there a must, to shed the daily dust.

So, after some thinking, the perfect place was sinking in, as the pictures of a cool and calm blue place, where harmony permanently stays, came into view and then there really as nothing more of the very facts to chew, expect to pic and choose, for the time to embark.

After a few moments spent on the trails, the place, exactly the same as the picture did indicate, was in view, nothing amiss, the calming waves, the fluffy clouds against the blue skies, the warming sun in the face, definitely, this was the place.

And then to admire it all, on this sunny day filled with warmth, what better place to be at, enjoying all the vistas, than a restaurant, right by the pier, falling no fear, only to choose the perfect spot, midst the dark blue chairs on the dot, and taking the time, now off the clock.