Take a ride, on a kickable, motorised scooter 

“Ride, ride, ride a kick scooter to the end of a long, long street” Gun Roswell 

Take a ride, on a kickable, motorised scooter 

Manual labour?

No thanks!

Simply put a coin in the slot, right there on the dot, just there, and voilà!

You are equipped with the most perfect transport for a few hours to circle around in the city just like, well royalty, maybe not, but at least close to it, without any kind of stint of the manual and exhausting one.

And if you really want to, have some exercise, just to feel more nice, rather than the lazy ass riding on the scooter with both feet on it, then scoot, scoot, scoot your way with the other leg. 

And for the sake of it, try to change footing every now and again, as too much time spent on just the one appendix, might just cause cramps or thicker muscles on it.

So, whatever you choose, you won’t lose, as this is the best choice to travel in a small city.