An alien looking construct

“The unicoloured monochromatic construct reaching for the dark skies… could this be built by ancient aliens or simply futuristic humans?“ Gun Roswell

An alien looking construct

Touching the sky, ever so lightly, and perhaps because of that it is radiating the brightest of lights, even with the material concrete, but it is no more or no less illuminating, reflecting ever so softly, all that pretty light from the above skies.

Some say, it was built by ancients from the very past, built so it would last the testament of time, while others claim in one loud chime, that it just popped up there only yesterday like child’s play, but it does not really matter when or whom it was which structured the building, not painted or guilds, as it certainly is a beacon for us all, standing ever so tall.

So, what remains for us mere mortals to do, is to simply look up and this construct adore, give it the adoration it deserves and bask, bask away in the guiding light as it all blurs, into the surrounding neighbourhood.