Feed me Seymour, feed me will ya!

“An alien life form or a regular plant? Well, could go either way, as it is close to Halloween” Gun Roswell 

Feed me Seymour, feed me will ya!

The tentacle like appendixes sticking out, from a clearly starving mouth, trying to push out a struggled kind of a shout, but nothing really too loud so not to scare the natives around, standing there gawking in awe, as to what kind of a flora this just might be?

But, what if the pretty think would suddenly growl, and make a demand, perhaps for some food to eat? Give it just one little treat? How would the onlooker, nay, gawker react to that? Perhaps getting too scared to do anything? Or then simply give the pretty bigger some food after all?

No matter, just be fare and give the monster plant its fair share and then, you two can be the best friends forever, at least, until the time the flowery friend, gets the munchkins and will eat the feeding hand!

Happy Halloween to one and all, and do feed the plants before they devour us all!