Another Rocker of a Chair to sit on

“A seat, not with wheels, but something better, which leads to a rocking motion, soothing and well, perhaps lulling the seated one, to a sleepy existence” Gun Roswell

Another Rocker of a Chair to sit on

The old school chair, still has its lure, the oddly shaped legs of it, not really the four excepted, rather reminiscent more of a sleigh, gliding across the floor, but still, remaining where it was laid.

The rocking back and forth, might just seem odd, then again, if the sitter, lets its affects gain control, on the body and perhaps even the soul, then soon enough, a sense of calm will be gained and then, falling asleep somewhat deep or perhaps not, but at least a nap of sorts. 

And it will all be thanks, to this rocker of a chair from the past.