Seated in the shade on a sunny day

“Sitting in the cooling shade, even if I’m going to be late, from Sunday” Gun Roswell 

Seated in the shade on a sunny day

The sunshine on a Sunday is always great, but then again, when it gets too hot, then it’s no longer so, and the best place to rest, or at least have a respite, is under the shade on a seat made for that special place. And so, the whole day, might just be well spent, seated under the protective shade avoiding all movement at all, but mostly, avoiding the brightly lit sun and the encompassing heat, and ain’t that simply neat. 

But if such a seat might not be found, anywhere even if looking around and everywhere, there is still no scare as daring, into the sunny outside, can also be very nice, at least for a short while, until the heat starts to defeat one and that will soon be 5he end of fun, and the option remaining is to simply run and to quickly find, a spot outside of the sunny shine, preferably in a shady spot, well, then the day would continue smoothly once again, and the rest of the day could be spent, in the calming shade.