The winter afternoon sunset

”The setting sun, is  as pretty as a pun, well if that was the case, which is not, because it’s part of the cycle of nature, is all” Gun Roswell 

The winter afternoon sunset

It was still early.  but that did not stop the sun, from starting to set, as it was that kind season, where we just let it do so, without any kinds of questions. The only thing to think of at this very moment, is to simply watch in awe, and then repeat to everyone what I just saw. And it was totally pretty and awesome even if the sun was setting, practically, in the middle of the day, something happening only during the season of winter and not in spring time may. Still, it does not matter whether the season is correct or not, as this stuff, the sunset, is a gift from Mother Nature with love. So, do not judge this book by the season or time of day, rather simply enjoy the soothing day ending display and then happily your head to rest lay, knowing the sun is still out there no matter what time of day or year it might be and again soon it you will see.