A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

“Riding a bike during winter times, especially with too much snow… can be… difficult.” Gun Roswell

A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

Finding a ride in the haste of early morning hours can be difficult. Especially during the snowy filled times, the two wheeled ride buried deep inside and when you finally get it out, a wheel just missing be might.

But no worries, you always try on some acrobatics and ride on the one wheel only, that is if you are feeling boldly? 

The other option is to simply take on the challenge and walk?

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch, the Mandalorian, the Book of Boba Fett FanFiction – new stories and updates posted on ao3 and fanfic.net – February 2023

Gun Roswell


I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own(AO3)andFanFiction.netof adventures inStar WarsThe Bad Batch, The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

These tales are categorised by series (themes, pairings, etc.) for easier follow-up as the stories are certainly piling up 😀

As season two of the Bad Batch is outand soon to be starting season three of the Mandalorian, there is plenty of inspiration to be derived for new fan fiction stories!

I am also in the process of dropping several stories written over the years which have remained in my EDIT pile forever and hating things going to waste so publishing them mostly likely as raw as they were written!

These tales follow completely original story lines diverging from theStar Warscanon. All…

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Homage to Spock AKA Leonard Nimoy – Remembering Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

“Live long and prosper” – Spock AKA Leonard Nimoy

Homage to Spock AKA Leonard Nimoy

“It’s only a television show”
– Maybe so, but it got me through the best of times and surely through the worst of times

“Vulcan honours us with your presence. We come to serve”
– Mr Spock had me at hello

“Never meet your heroes”
– Maybe true, but this particular hero I will regret not meeting for the rest of my life

“These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”
– And I will keep watching until such time they put me out to pasture.

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

“The sweet elixir of life, whatever it means to each and every person, is different, but Coffee for sure, takes the lead in my book, without any strife!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

Becoming more adult, the tastes from when a child, start to develop to a more, subtle direction, at least, that is the general consensus of things, and not all do agree, as growing up and becoming an adult are two different things, and so, how we muddle through the so called life, well, that too, varies majorly so.

Getting old, means you might want to vary your diet and perhaps start liking certain things you did not before, just like life, right?

Getting even older means, you will stat to love the bitter taste of coffee without any qualms, black no sugar, no cream and definitely no milk, no questions asked, except for the one always hanging in the air when the liquid from the cup starts to disappear — one more, please!

It is totally reminiscent of life in this writers mind, as the more stale it gets as it sticks to the bottom of the pot, having been left for far too long, on the very warming plate, and so the more bitter the stuff tastes… and then what happens?

Well, the more you go back to get, well, even more of the same old shit!

And you totally see it now don’t you, the premise of this very tale, right?

As Coffee, Life, there really is no difference!

Coffee and and a break

“There is nothing like a break for coffee or a coffee for a break” Gun Roswell

Coffee and and a break

The cup might be small or totally large, but that is not the thing in charge, only the dark, strong liquid, which will fill it to its hilt and then, only waiting for the one whom it will drink.

And so, without any further thoughts, the breaks scarce and not lasting long, the coffee lover started on their cup, enjoying each and every single drop, until it was time to stop, return to the grind, but then again, there was no more drops in the cup to be found.


“Touch it if you dare, it will give you a good scare or at least, raise your hair!” Gun Roswell


A ball of colourful plasma, something of a science fiction show for sure alas it’s simply just decor, a ball of light with a slight suggestion of fright, especially if you dare it to touch, but as such, it is source of light, a prelude to fun, something too of a pun, alas mostly, a prop, from an old tv-show, the ones loved by kids and adults alike, nostalgia for sure from the past and then, why not look at it for a moment for a proper belly laugh?

Find a bike

“The snow of it all! Oh well, gotta go for a bike ride, just for the heck of it al!” Gun Roswell 

Find a bike

It might be a tad difficult to take a long ride on winter times and especially enjoying them just fine, because all of the snow and that’s not all!

As first of all before even getting on that ride you will actually have to find that damned bike in the midsts of all that snow!

Plow anyone?

But it f you find one under the pile of more than one, hope you will have some fun on them icy roads ahead! But most of all try not to be too afraid to fall off😊

Rough day by the Seaside

“The sea is mighty rough, some days, for sure. But most of the time it’s calm and soothing.“ Gun Roswell

Rough day by the Seaside

The roars of the waves as they keep on hitting the rocky shores, the howling winds in the background rubbish there store, well, it all could be a bore, so much crap going on, the day dull and grey, without seemingly any rest on display.

Alas, there is one distant gleam of hope to be seen in this, the darkest and dullest of scenes, a ray of sunshine peeking through the thick layer of clouds which still the skies heavily shroud, but being patient, allowing the wait, sitting there without hurry or worry, and then soon enough, it will appear.

Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

“The small armoured vehicle might look cool and it totally is, even if it does not go too fast or too far, it mostly exists, just to be adored.“ Gun Roswell

Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

City smart it might just be, simply so small and sleek, perhaps a little bit meek, but do not take it too seriously as despite its military outlook, it’s just made to look that way, not really an evil fascist machine rather something of a toy made just for the heck of it.

The small armoured car, which never travels too far, mainly staying in the one place, taking a tour for the fans sake as this is not a serious bait rather something built for the show and it might some minds blow simply because of how cute it looks, meant to do no harm while born on a farm and then taking its tours around the small city making people laugh and feel somewhat giddy.

Red, Red, Rose

“There is just something about the rose, the red, red rose which makes one pause, stop and smell the scent, of the roses“ Gun Roswell

Red, Red, Rose

The glow of the petals in the pale moonlight shining dimly, and so the sun surely brings forth more of the same out, the colours nothing short of bright, the reds, the varied other colours for sure there too, but the red one is the one sticking out like a sore thumb from the lot, luring the innocent onlooker under its spell and soon enough you too will be totally enthralled, perhaps controlled of a single flower, ready to prick you dead.