The cookie thief

“The cookies are so delicious, why not try to eat them all!“ Gun Roswell

The cookie thief

The sugar rush pending, whenever the smells of the baked goods are ascending, up and in the air of the house, where someone lucky person’s spouse is doing a favour for the hungry crowds.

The cookies are being baked and onto the plates laid, all warm and tasty looking, the perfect kind of cooking, the sugary blobs of flower and water and something else, but the baker never really tells.

It doesn’t really matter, as the taste of them is so good, and even if you know you really shouldn’t take seconds, thirds and even forth helpings of the good stuff, well, guess, this cookie thief, simply cannot get enough!

Because yes, even if the offer was there to eat as much as wanted, it feels like stealing, as it is soo damned good and can’t say no!