Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

“The small armoured vehicle might look cool and it totally is, even if it does not go too fast or too far, it mostly exists, just to be adored.“ Gun Roswell

Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

City smart it might just be, simply so small and sleek, perhaps a little bit meek, but do not take it too seriously as despite its military outlook, it’s just made to look that way, not really an evil fascist machine rather something of a toy made just for the heck of it.

The small armoured car, which never travels too far, mainly staying in the one place, taking a tour for the fans sake as this is not a serious bait rather something built for the show and it might some minds blow simply because of how cute it looks, meant to do no harm while born on a farm and then taking its tours around the small city making people laugh and feel somewhat giddy.