May Day!

“The day fir workers to relax? To enjoy some time off? Well, I know I’m still working so?” Gun Roswell

May Day!

“May Day! May Day!”
The clock blared
As the alarm went off
I woke up with a scoff
“What the F…!”
As this, was supposed to be my day off!

Clearing my throat, with a cough
I quickly got up, in a huff and a puff
Waking, this early in the morning, was tough

I looked at the clock on the wall
Figuring some way, to stall
But the only option, was my ass outside to haul

First view from the window
Did my foggy mind blow
As I rubbed my eyes, little did I know
The only thing I would see, was more snow

What the hell was going on?
I thought May was summer’s dawn
But this plan has one big flaw
The winter has raised its ugly claw

It must have been because of the weather
My alarm clock had made this error
Waking me up early, knowing
I only, could this task endeavour

So now, it was up to me
The land and air rid of the freeze
To bring forth the sunshine and warm breeze
Just had to figure out, how this task to seize!

If I only had powers of magic
I would just pull out some gimmick
But unfortunately, my witchery has a limit

So, for now, I just taped on an image
Onto the window with a view quite idyllic
A summery green meadow,
The warmer weathers to mimic