The Road Clear Ahead

“The road quite clear, now that the plow towards it had steered, vacuuming away all that snow” Gun Roswell

The Road Clear Ahead

The main road, leaving towards towns and even destination unknown, was filled with snow, suddenly having poured, over night

What a total fright!

But hey, it’s all alright, now that the plow has arrived

Working hard, no one single part, not even the very sides

The offensive snow, soon hauled away, even if it is just for a while there

As soon enough, a new front will arise and more snow will be on the way

But for now all ahead is perfectly clear

From very far away and even near

The road ahead, simply waiting for the travellers to get on instead of waiting 

Perhaps even hesitating, whether to hit that path towards vistas familiar and unknown

And so now, it will be easy enough

As nothing really too rough awaits 

No need to carry a shovel, unless, to some non-plowed road you want to travel