The waiting maid by the door

“Those who served in the past, with little or none in compensation and with too much to do, never a moment to their own, only a resting place in the end” Gun Roswell

The waiting maid by the door

The young woman stood there, by the door, not sure whether she could step inside, onto the floor, after all, she was there only for one purpose, to serve, the family, those who would have her, a labourer for the day, working for minimal wage.

She wasn’t educated by any means, but what she lacked in knowledge, she always managed to compensate with courage and hard labour, never the one to shy away from any given task, no matter how hard and long it would last.

When the working day was done, staring in the early morning hours and ending by nightfall, when the rest of the family had fallen, sleep catching, as only then was she allowed to take a rest, for a few hours until the next arriving day break.

This circle of her life went on for years to come, until she was finally done, getting a proposal from the farmer’s son and off and married she was, not her goal in life, but way back when, this was how a woman’s life was spent… or then again, perhaps, it wasn’t in the so distant past after all?