The Seat and the Cool Blue

“The blue is calming, the blue is cool, the blue makes one feel soothed, sitting down and taking a load off, is a bonus” Gun Roswell

The Seat and the Cool Blue

The calm of the Sunday afternoon, is lulling the weary traveller to sleep, as while looking for the perfect spot, to lay down for a spell of a moment, just because, the heat of the summer was getting on, and so, taking a load off, was the best option.

Finding respite under the trees, the white and blue surroundings calming and soothing just enough, the breathing heavy from before, now much more even and so, before the evening descends, and it is time to return to sleep, the weary traveller can keep this seat, in a cafe so small, nobody else was able to see it, as only the lucky ones, daring to seek, had found the blues.