Totally so, on the rocks!

“On the rocks you say? Order a soft drink of the same name perhaps? Or just, life in general being just that? Usually, it’s either one or the other, or then second preceding the first option!” Gun Roswell

Totally so, on the rocks!

Life, death, life, things that nature, whatever the situation might just be, being totally alive or having died? Well, I would hope that while writing this ditty, I am alive, or at least, pretending to be, for you see, being on the rocks, totally so, and not even getting the drink to top it all! Well, guess, this really does seem like a dream of sorts, as seen, when, not totally dead or alive, just somewhere there between a state, where a moment of hesitate comes upon the dreamer, well, me, thinking, where am I? Is this really a dream or real life and what is even real life? Then I remember, the fact, of not really being dead either, simply having escaped, the place of the rocks, or rather, laying on top of some very pointy ones, stabbing in the back, really nasty things those are and so, having simply escaped, to this dream world and only waiting for the dreaded moment, when the day calls and I got to get up and there it goes, the alarm! So, guess, on the rocks it will be, for at least, a while!