Turquoise is the water

“The water is positively glowing, in the bright light of the sun, the colour totally clear, with a hint of, something like, turquoise” Gun Roswell

Turquoise is the water

The surface calm, nothing moving, not even the wind, causing any kind of ripples, keeping the liquid clear, with a hint of something cool, despite the warmth of the weather, causing the air to remain perfectly still, but the one hint of colour there, shining through even though the sun’s heated rays were trying to absorb all of it away. The turquoise was there to stay.

And even if the surface was sometimes about to break, do to someone taking starting in the water to bathe, the colour really never changed, staying the same shade of clear and turquoise as always, an eternal colour chosen because… well it all looked good, against the scenery and so after so much applause, it had remained that way and most likely would forever more.