Seated at the wine tasting booth on a Sunday

“The seat at the wine refinery, what a place to enjoy a Sunday, because sometimes, you are allowed a drink for few, right?” Gun Roswell 

Seated at the wine tasting booth on a Sunday

The Sunday pretty much a dull boring day, but a day of rest and perhaps a taste of something soothing, calming and cooling, the close by breweries wine, dulling the restless mind at least for a while.

Catching the closest seat, at the booth, where the wine yard keepers are having a few samples on display, in the multicoloured glasses just to please, the gathering crowds, as this one, is certainly a treat.

The queue forming to the left, but soon enough spreading to the right, but luckily, there is no fight, amongst the many wine loving ones, each waiting their turn of getting the soothing liquid inside of their thirsty mouths, while chatting with each other loudly.

And then, the wine gods and goddesses emerge, carried on a cloud, bearing gifts to the awaiting crowd, and without any fuss, soon the feast will start, everyone there taking a part, the grapes, the wine a flow, on this Sunday started so slow, but now, there is definitely a lot going on.

Seat sideways Sunday

“Seat in the side of the street, sitting totally sideways just to rest my tired feet, well it’s Sunday after all, so no fuss but to let the time stall” Gun Roswell

Seat sideways Sunday

The day long and sunny, some would say Sunday funny, but the warm weather so soon after a long while of cold and damp and grey, well, it got the better of this weary walker, on a simple Sunday stroll, taken just because, the weather was so nice and beckoning, thinking to be bold and so finally outside venturing, after all, these days, in the times of change, it was still a choice hard to be made, but not on this fined day, of a sunny and warm Sunday, but for a while, after taking the long tour instead and in a while, having a respite along side, was something totally needed and never mind, the passersby, looking at what the lazy one was doing, but not caring a single bit as there was no hurry to do more than just be and enjoy, the day of free, on this quiet and long day, and so, in place for a moment longer staying, before pushing on, showing everyone, this one was still strong after all.

Lazy spot for a Sunday

“There is nothing really much to do on Sunday’s except to find the perfect spot to lay low in for the day, the best kind of stay” Gun Roswell

Lazy spot for a Sunday

The most perfect and softest spot found

And it was certainly not on the hard ground

No, it was a softly cushioned kind of a swing

Which came along with a bell and a ding

That was of course to be able to order service

For whatever kind of desires might rise up

For food or drinks of course, perhaps even 

Entertainment of sorts, such as music or shows

But even without all those things of creature comforts

The simple way of only staying, in quiet laying

Was the perfect way of spending any day

Except usually that was never quite the option

Rather only during these days called Sunday

Was it possible to indulge oneself to lay claim

Of anything personal and not requiring any strain

And so, having found this perfect of the places

There would be nothing on this Earth to remove

This carcass out of the blissful state of non-move

And so, as time passed, even if this moment lasted

Only for the day, there were no regrets whatsoever 

On display

Rocking on the Chair

“The rocking chair, lulls anyone seated there, to a deeper kind of sleep, at least if you don’t get seasick along the way!“ Gun Roswell

Rocking on the Chair

The chair from all those past lives lived now being revived 

The chair where from the grandmother would advice give

The chair from the childhood where mothers used to sing songs

The chair which rocked you to sleep all those years ago

The chair with the recognisable creaks against the floors

The chair made out of lasting materials wood, as they used to

The chair worth mentioning in several kind of old lore 

The chair unique enough leaving no one seated never bored

The chair still as cool, sleek and surprising like it was before

The chair, well it keeps on rocking, rocking, rocking away to the groove

The chair where there is really no sleeping in it as it is on the move

The chair never good for cats or really any kind of animals with long tails

The chair was invented by someone who wanted two things to combine

The chair can be found in some homes, at least those whom the past respect

The chair, is a chair, is a chair, so please, do, take a load off

Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

Crete, Greece

“The blues can continue all through the week, and so, when we seek solace, it can be found inside the blues, so take a load of, on a seat so blue and let the blues wash over you“ Gun Roswell

Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

The Sunday is once again upon us, the working week, finally done, feeling like a bunched up sponge with all the energy having been sucked out, like the wraith had had their fun and now, forgotten all the supposed puns about that, but I digress and so, the idea of getting a respite even if feeling the Sunday blues, as per usual, because it is the end of a short era, a week now done and done with, even if it may not have been the most fun I had with, but today on this Sunday, I am able to have a respite and dwell inside the blues, sit on my seat I did eventually choose and now surrounded by the whole electric feel of the blues, skies, seas and my seat, for this day, are a perfect cheat for the mind wondering, before Monday rears its head once again and a new era of a week will begin.

Seat at the sunny window 

“Take a load off by the seat on the sunny side off the room” Gun Roswell

Seat at the sunny window 

The sunny side is warm and inviting on a day when the sun is shining, and the world outside de looks e be n more inviting to be explored. Alas for those weary, for those whom only want to sit down and keep on glaring on the world outdoors, without the need for exploring any of it at all, this place of rest is the best, the perfect spot to lay low and keep the score, of the rest of them out there, looking for scores, something which will lead them out of their bores. But for these special kinds of observers of the human kind, there is nothing more interesting out there they can find, except keeping an eye on the others of their kind in search of something they will not find, as the one true thing to be bound on any given sunny day, part from the comfort of the warmth off the one true seat in the middle of a sunny ray, inside the room where the most comfortable seat now resides. And this is the best seat of a respite on the whole town.

Seated and in waiting

“There is nothing to do, except to sit and wait, for a minute, an hour or even a year, worst case scenario being that is” Gun Roswell

Seated and in waiting

The long wait ahead, or so it seemed, even if the queue was not that long and things seemed to moving nicely, but then, soon enough, when the turn was about to be mine, the moving along halted and nothing was happening for a while. There was nothing to do about it of course, but to patiently wait, as it was this was always the catch with this kind of affair, as nothing ever happened as expected, and somebody always had some kind of a complaint, leaving the others for a long, long wait. 

Well, there was an upside to the down and so, the long faced frown, soon turned around as the the table with free seats came to view. As luck would have it, the place across the queue, was serving some brew for those weary in waiting and so, quickly heading to the visible respite, finding the place totally empty, much to a surprise, but never mind, an order soon enough placed and seated at the table, and then, then with a sun in face, keeping an eye on the very place, with others queuing in their place, but me, I was waiting for my turn with a smile on my face on the comfy bench. 

The seatings in blue

“The weather is quite blue, the skies, the ocean all in the same hue, so why not a seat too!” Gun Roswell 

The seatings in blue

The day started under signs of calming and wonder, as the skies indicated nothing but blue hues all the way, reflecting the mood, if not so down, then at least no up or downward frowns, only thoughts of could be’s and what if’s in the mind, as good days or positive thoughts seemed to have been hard to find, at least lately, despite the calm of the surrounding blue to be found most times, as the blues was the constant for most days.

So, on this day, taking a chance, without too much of a stance, as resistance usually was on the futile end, as said, most days, behaving more like a Borg drone than anything else was the mode of operandi. Still, today it all seemed somewhat different and up beat even on many levels, because today’s promise of sunny day, under the shade and in a remote seat, in the colour of blue, was the premise made to lure out there, outside of the house.

So, headed out, without, further doubt, heading set to the destination coordinates and with that in mind, setting aside all fear, content on getting to the blue hued seating area soon enough and then enjoying the day without further though of being out there, fear gone, disappeared to the soothing, of blue.

Seat in the warm shadow

“Staying in the shadows, on a warm and sunny day is a must, especially, when feeling hot and tired and sleepy, am I right?“ Gun Roswell

Seat in the warm shadow

The day sunny once again, after a long stretch of winter and almost total darkness, despite the snowy white mountains ever growing, a day of sunshine is a surprise and perhaps a blessing. But, then again, jumping from one end to the other, can be a bit of a stretch, and letting the sun overcome all of it, the mind, body and soul, however, the rays just might be a tad too strong for the pale skin just coming out of the darkness and so, finding some middle ground, perhaps in the shadows under the covers, but still visible with light. So, the perfect spot, perhaps closer than thought, a shelter of a thing, where someone had built tables and chairs while recycling, old wooden pallets and thug making not only unique pieces of art, but something way more smart, like a seating area where one could be able being part, of the sunshine filled day, stay outdoors in a way, but still, having a cover over their heads.

Seated in a lobby setting

“No matter the day of the week, the optimal seating is a request never to be objected on, even if it might just be, Monday!“ Gun Roswell

Seated in a lobby setting

The day could easily be a Sunday, but any other day will do as long as there is a comfortable seat near by, well that is all a reason needed for any kind of a wide smile. So, whenever break times beckons, the coffee pot ready for the taking, the seats at the window or wherever is the best spot awaiting, then there is noting else to do except to take a seat, after all, admitting defeat in front of a good kind of respite, is no defeat at all, 

After all, a soft bench, a chair or a large size sofa, no matter where, it might lay, a home, a friends house or even the office, the setting most perfect, to take a load off as even the shortest of days, needs a place where to rest, a minuter or few, even an hour if the lure, is strong, and there is nothing really wrong, in wanting to just sit. And if it is a good fit, then why not stay the day, even if it is a working day, as after all, sometimes, we all need to take a load off.