Seated for Seat Sunday 

“You better be seated in tight, strapped in and ready to begin, as seat Sunday has finally arrived!” Gun Roswell 

Seated for Seat Sunday 

No matter the mode of the seat, because when you feel the heat and not just for the summer on repeated a wave of the same kid, you better hurry up and that greatest of spots try to find, as seat Sunday has definitely arrived! Indeed, showing up with a seated jive and we all know it’s definitely time for a smashing high five!

Better get the one which suits you best, the most comfortable one yet. No matter if you have it to buy, borrow or steal, it’s the matter of feel, against your derrière for real. So do not hesitate because soon it will be too late as Sunday will be gone and on a Monday? Well, sitting around may just be a great big ugly bore.

Maybe you even had a chance to bring your own seat, the one which rides on wheels. And from that fine throne of sorts, you will never have to be brought up and about from. Rather going everywhere and anywhere on this fine sunny day of a Sunday, is the true definition of a well spent and languidly spent awesome seat Sunday.

Sunday Seat Poolside

“On a warm day, you can either indoors stay, or then if you are lucky enough, spend it poolside as it is so very hot outside!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Seat Poolside

The weather gods having been totally generous over the past few weeks might have needed some praise from us lowly humans. Someone might have noted though, that had been over generous as the temperatures outside had exceeded everyones wild expectations of a hot summer weather, not matter the level on which you resided on the blue globe. South, North, middle there somewhere, it was all the same red at least on the maps of forecast done by some of the weather fortune tellers out there on tv-land. And nothing major really could be planned as the temperatures were all the same, high, each and every single day for the whole planet.

But, staying indoors the whole summer just to run away from the weather? Well, that was a total bummer. So, for some lucky ones, there was an option other than hiding from the sun. To take themselves poolside. At least for a day or so, as the energy levels were quite low, from the heat and the darkness of the indoors. The solution of renting a room, any hotel room basically in a nearby area for a day or few. And then, stay there form dawn till dusk as it was a must, to stay close to the cool and calming waters. Then every now and again, take a dip into the liquid. Well, what a way to spend a sunny Sunday day, poolside in a lazy chair reclined in a position so fine, there was no idea, to move anywhere else the whole time spent poolside.

Seated in blue

“The perfect moment of the day for a respite in blue, on the chair that is“ Gun Roswell 

Seated in blue

When the day, working or otherwise is finally done, it is time to have a brief breather, a break. A divider from the planned chores and the hassle of it all, to the quite and calm of the evening, for just a moment doing something completely different and out of the character maybe just acting on a feeling. 

The venture to the hidden corners of the streets, into the alleyways deep, and find that small and unmanned spot, where nothing is perfect and just a little off. The cantina only open for a two or more hours and known only by a few patrons, inviting and mostly quite, painted all in the calming and cool blue hues. 

This place where invitations are scarce and valid for the limited time, but that is just fine as the time spent there is totally divine. Why? Well, you will know when you get the invitation, use it without hesitation and find out for yourself what it really feels like to be seated in the coolest of joints, in the calming of blue.

A seat refurbished

“Recycle is the key word of the day, don’t waste, make good use of all of it even if you are in haste“ Gun Roswell

A seat refurbished

A seat had finally served its former purpose as a sitting surface for all those tired and weary ones, not being able to stand on their own to feet. It could have fared worse of course being thrown into a dumpster of all sorts. But luckily this formerly rickety old stool had an owner who was no fool and a handy one at that. So now, the former seating tool has a new purpose and ain’t that all so totally cool! A new life after some love and care and lots of paint, the former chair of a thing, is now serving, as a flower pot, a useful thing at that, and even good to look at so all and all a good change in life for that old chair now sitting on the porch for all passersby to see. 

The moral of the story here if you haven’t figured it out already is, to never throw good things away, rather reuse and show them some care as they once did serve you and their purpose, so always try to be fare!

A Seat in Town 

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte


A Seat in Town

When out and about on the town
And getting all and everywhere around
There is only one thing
You really wish you had found
A neat kind of a seat
Simply for a while to relax on!

Alas, it cannot be too hard
And certainly too soft
But when you find the right spot
You know you can simply stop
Your wandering around
And stay there all day long!

Rocking away in an old chair

“The good old rocking chair, will take you there, albeit slowly“ Gun Roswell

Rocking away in an old chair

The old and busted wooden chair, in the corner of the room glared. It wasn’t in the greatest of shapes, and most likely beyond repair. But it was a reminder of ages past, when useful things were built to last. And the memories of people already passed, seated in the respite for a while longer as the soothing rocking motion felt stronger, lulling away all the bad and sad of the day, before it was time to rest lay. 

Deciding to try the very best, to rescue the poor rocking chair from its destination, of becoming kindling for the fire, as it was totally in need so dire. So, taking the chance and maybe in the process or reparation making it last, several more years and then creating, new memories while rocking away in its lulling haze during the evenings long, after all, it was supposed to be an heirloom of sorts. 

A few weeks later, the end result of the saving process visible, only this time not in the corner, rather a better and visible place chosen for this breeze from the past, and certainly, looking much more bolder in its new coating. Certainly the worthwhile effort and a lasting joy for all of us wanting to rock in a chair even if going nowhere.

Shadows and seats 

“There is always a seat when you need one” Gun Roswell 

Shadows and seats 

The warm sun shining in the blue skies and I find myself whining to the simple fact of too much heat and direct sunlight in my pale face. Trying very hard but there is simply no escape. But wait! What did I just spot in my peripheral vision but something most likely to be saving my over cooked bacon? A seat over there in the distant, and to be scarce, it’s residing in the only shadowy spot to be seen or found for miles on end. Could I really be that lucky and be the one, whom over there ion a few could run? Or is this simply a terrible joke, a mirage at the expense of my over heated delusional mind? Please please be kind and let me over there my way find and nothing more will I ever ask again. Well, not until the next time when I’m in trouble again, so talk then as now I need to get to my precious seat on the cool shadows and plenty of rest there spend until it’s  time to say, when and get going again.

A seat in the backyard

“Seated on a bench in the backyard, feeling quite smart as I’m not working my ass off on this fine day” Gun Roswell

A seat in the backyard

A relatively warm and lazy day, there ahead of me with much of that promised sunshine on display
Finding that perfectly placed and comfortable seat, but certainly not in any of the busy streets
Rather the best one of them all, right here in my own backyard where I had it just installed
Taking with my favourite book alongside some frizzy and cold drinks to the comfortable nook
I will be perfectly set for at least half of the day, even if the baddest weather would get in my way
You see I have this changing climate all figured out, as I got myself a nice sheltering parasol
To keep the heated sunny rays of the shining sol off me, but also any kind of rainy bouts out
So, on this Sunday, nothing will cause me upset or dismay., as I am as prepared as any old scout
And will take my leisure time without any kind of doubt, maybe even something reading out loud
Guess this will be the best kind of day, where reading is the task instead of over a hot oven to slay

A seat on the shady side of the sun

“A seat on the shady side, after an exploratory day in the fun filled sun, is a nice find” Gun Roswell

A seat on the shady side of the sun

The weary traveler still pushes on, even if the day has been far too warm and way too long
Gotta go, gotta see, gotta feel, gotta do and that one final monument or explore the long lost mystery
But then at the brink of total exhaustion, when on the very last nerve the traveler is trying to hold on
In desperate need, of any kind of chair, bench or seat, one small respite to see, and at least for a minute to take a seat
Alas there are so many other seekers running on their empty feelers and so, the so far denied desperate measures
Finally kick in and with the last ounce of strength, running that final stretch to that one vacant bench
And luckily, it was on the shady side, of a solemn kind of a lonely street, just the place no one had yet seen
Except now, me, as I reach before yielding to total defeat, of the ever present heat all around, but a respite nevertheless I have found
So, it’s ok for a while, taking deep breaths while settling to the calm and now, it will be a long while before I will move again

A seat tucked away under the stairs

“There is nothing to a Sunday day except to sit in a very comfy seat” Gun Roswell

A seat tucked away under the stairs

The Sunday arrived without much of a surprise
As it was after all, Saturdays inevitable demise
Still the one thing which is not that big of a surprise
Is the fact, that Sundays are spent without a disguise
All masks of efficient are torn off without much effort
As the lazy ass is sat on the specially selected seat
And that will be done without admitting defeat
After all, Sundays are for stalling all the time
Always and simple the one day that is totally fine